21 April 2013

Dinner and Barf.....

This is what it is like at the in-laws when we go over for dinner. :)

Last night we had dinner with the in-laws for James' dad's birthday. I love it when others do the cooking and all I have to do is eat the food. We had salad, steak, ribs, stuffed potatoes, veggies and my fave, carrot cake for dessert. It was so delicious!!
I forgot to mention that for the appetizers, we had salad rolls, lettuce wraps and crackers with dip. Honestly, could life get any better?? Yup..it could have because the entire night I had the worst heartburn and indigestion, from my ribcage all the way to my belly button. Up almost all night. Wish I could have narrowed it down to what I ate. HA! HA!! HA!!! 

At the very end of our meal, Ashlyn (niece), got up and barfed her brains out beside the table. Everybody just let it happen, mind you, I guess there isn't much you can do. Her parents were so calm, barf, barf, barf. I jump up and have this mini panic...oh goodness, she's barfing. Finished barfing, Nana cleaned it up and on with dessert. I am that parent, I can't handle sick kids, especially my own. They just said "it happens." Oh, how I want to be that parent. "Oh, my kid is barfing, how's the weather??" In reality, I will be the parent that says "HOLY SH*%!! MY KID IS BARFING, SOMEBODY HELP ME, I CAN'T CLEAN THAT UP, OH MY LORD, GET A BUCKET, JAMES, COME HOME, JAMES COME TAKE CARE OF HER." I am not a good barfing mom. Maybe I can hire somebody to help during those times. :)

Now I feel ill. No more barf talk.

Brinley makes me laugh, because when she is at home, she talks non stop and is always full of expression and is very passionate when she's having a 'conversation' with you. She giggles, plays games, interacts with her daddy and mommy, but when you take her out, she is quiet and just looks around. She soaks everything in that is going on around her. It usually takes her around 20 minutes to relax and start interacting. She came out of her shell last night at dinner time, I think it's because food makes her happy....when she isn't picky. I love her little personality, quiet yet a little spicy.

We are off to Ange and Bob's today for Sunday family dinner. Ange is heading to Cabo on Tuesday while I stay in this winter hell. I think James and I need a vacation with little Miss B. Any suggestions? Short flight, not too pricey, virgin drinks :(, speedos, sun, beach, men feeding me grapes and fanning me.......

Have a great Sunday! :)


  1. LOL...Dinner and Barf, loved the title of this post! Oh, and great pictures! haha