29 April 2013

Kraft Dinner and Raisin Bran.....

Ok, so Comic Con....

My story.....we arrived at Comic Con before 1:oopm and saw that the fee for parking on the Stampede Grounds has gone up, yet again. It's now 15 dollars. It used to be $3.50, I remember those days. We didn't even get to park past the parking gates, it was outside of that, but still had to pay $15.00. Got to the Big Four building and saw a huge line up, we were safe, that was for the die-hards wanting autographs. Went in, got our bands and moved onto one of the halls. It was CRAZY!!! It was packed and filled with very cool costumes and lots of boobs. Boobs everywhere, like everywhere. James was set for the day. Me, on the other hand, didn't have all that much to look at but got pretty darn excited when I saw the lemonade stand. I have been craving lemonade for months and drinking too much of it, but I got excited!! I didn't need any Super Heroes costumes, I had lemonade and it ONLY cost $6.00 for a large. What a bargain!??!?!?!?

Not the best picture but still cute! :))

There were lots of comics, lots of toys and lots of very excited Comic Con fans! We stayed for a few hours, took Brinley to the Kid's Zone and let her cruise around in a mini car. I thought she would have made a scene and I warned the guy, nope, she honked the horn and even let momma take her picture. It was sweet. By this time, my feet were killing, my lower back was spazzing and I was hungry. I'm guessing that the body pain was from wearing my flip flops that are so worn out that they should have made their way to the garbage, let's say, 3 to 4 years ago. My fault.

Hey James, let's go for a yummy, delish meal at Red Lobster. YES!!!!! So, of course I ordered a lemonade, holy crap, it was sugar, all sugar. Baby Bean woke up at that point. Kick, punch, sugar rush!! Ordered our food, got Brinley the macaroni and cheese. It'll be a fancy mac and cheese and she'll gobble it up because she must be hungry. It was Kraft Dinner....what a let down. Dad put a scoop in B's mouth and it came right back out. She ate part of a biscuit and her orange slices. Our meal sucked too. Boo hoo on the great meal.

Stopped off at the folk's house to water the plants. They are home today from their 2 week Hawaiian cruise, poor mom and dad. It's a rough, rough life. ;) Brinley fell asleep so I ran in, let me rephrase that, I slowly limped into the house. Watered the plants and was leaving a note when I heard dripping water, more like a running faucet. Oh for crap sakes, I over-watered the plants. Water everywhere. I hurt, I'm hot and I'm hungry. Grab the turkey baster and a jug, suck water out of the dish. Ok, all done. Wipe it up and get going. No...faucet again. Honestly, how much water did I actually give this plant. After 10 minutes of sucking up water, now I'm nauseous and even hotter. I'm  done, towel under the plant and run, well limp out of the house.

Homeward bound!

Get home, get B to bed. She crashed. Excellent!! I'm hungry, so I decide that since James has been breaking rule #2 lately and not seeming to really care, I will have a huge bowl of raisin bran and do a little payback! I'm so mature! Well, payback was short lived, I crashed and James went and cleaned the bathrooms, I think.

So, all in all, a great day. ;)

Going to meet a friend for lunch today. Hopefully I can move, maybe I should bring a donut for my butt. I think my 90 year old Nan used to have one.

Happy Monday!


  1. Red Lobster has gone totally down hill you should have called and I would have told you it's junk :) sounds like you had a nice day though

  2. It was gross Wilson!!! So disappointed. It was a nice, family day and we did have lots of laughs. Hope you made it to work. Darn traffic. :(

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