13 May 2013

Bacon and Breyers.....

Yesterday was a perfect day. Our reservation was the last seating of the day so the buffet wasn't extremely full but we made sure to get what we wanted by saying a little bit louder, I wish there was more bacon. We are so discreet. I couldn't really taste anything because my taste buds are shot right now but I'm pretty sure it was delish AND I didn't have to cook. The other perfect part of the day was that we paid for nothing...how sweet is that. We didn't even pitch in, no tip, no nothing. Thanks to the family for picking up the bill.
The Mother's Day gifts were a hit and the mommas loved them. As I have said before, I don't like crafts but it just means so much more and the moms always love the thought and time that went into each one. After brunch, we headed back to the Koenig house to hang out. It was such a muggy day and so hot upstairs, so we headed to the basement and I was in heaven. I love their house, hot upstairs and beautifully cool in the basement. Brinley only had one nap yesterday so we thought we would have to head home for number 2, but she made it until after 7:00pm, no crying, no whining, just enjoyed her cuddles with Auntie and Grandma. I love that my family loves our baby girl so much. It is the best sight and the best feeling. She is just the sweetest little girl.

Baby Bean wasn't really moving last night and I had some cramping. I was trying to wake her up, but I guess she was tired too. I'm not a huge fan of the kicks and punches, but I like to know that she's ok. This morning, she is back at it, lots of kicks. Makes me exhale a bit. Poor little girl, momma shaking her belly and having daddy shout, we are such losers!!

Tomorrow I will head to the lab to get my gestational diabetes testing done. I'm pretty sure I will have it again, but this time, I don't think I will go to the diabetes clinic every week or every other week. It's not as easy this time with having a baby to tote along. The appointments were also useless. I know how to check my blood, I know how to record the numbers and more importantly, I know exactly what and what not to eat. When I was preggers with Brinley, I was on target, always. I took it all very seriously and so did my family. I remember telling my sister that after delivery, all I wanted was Breyer's Ice Cream and butterscotch sauce. The day after we came home, the Koenig's hooked me up!! It was delish and perfect!!

I was also on bed rest at my parent's house. Home Care doesn't come out to HR so James and I lived with Ma and Pa for 6 weeks. Momma cooked all of our meals and took great care of both of us. I know that some people would loathe the idea of living with your parents, but for us it was awesome. We had our own space, we all had a routine, we all headed to bed at 9:00pm every night, it was quite comical. The day we came home with Brinley, dad still didn't want us to go home, he wanted us to stay there just a bit longer. We managed one night but needed to get our own routine started. I remember crying all the way back home. Besides being incredibly hormonal, I already missed my mom and dad. We were so thankful that they allowed us and welcomed us into their home for all that time.

Time to go play with a baby! I  hope today is a wonderful and beautiful day for all of you. xo

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