7 June 2013

Vasectomy and a Pea Bag!

A few thoughts today....

Last night I decided to say my prayers but I extended them just a little bit and added some adjectives and got pretty intense. Usually we say bedtime prayers and we include the health and happiness of our friends and family and we say hi and miss you to our loved ones. My prayer last night went something like this....

Dear God,

I encourage you to plant continuous thoughts in James's head about getting a vasectomy. When I say continuous, I mean, the average man thinks about sex hundreds of times during the day, I want you to switch that to snip, snip, snip and a pea bag to help heal. Please God let the vasectomy work because if I get pregnant again, there will be hell to pay and it will all be directed at James, who let's be honest, is not at fault. Now God, if you feel that James is not quite finished having kids and you think he will leave us in the next 10 years for a tight, 20 year old blonde girl, please let him know that he will no longer be getting ANY in this house. Just put that thought in his head too. Now God, I do not take for granted that we were able to conceive very, very easily and we are thankful that you have blessed us with two princesses....I know that Dr. Phil says that if you start a sentence then say "but", you just erased everything that you said before the word "but." I don't want to say "but"......I am thankful for the pregnancies, _ _ _, I will not do this again. :)
I'm pretty sure God that this little bean is laughing inside of me while she jumps continuously on my bladder, which lately has made walking short distances a challenge. I pee at night every hour or two and sometimes when I think I won't quite make it to the bathroom, I sit down quickly and I hear, "tinkle, tinkle." Really??? That's it?? All that pressure and pain and discomfort for a "tinkle, tinkle." Shame on my destroyed bladder. God, I would also like to ask that you keep my family happy and healthy.

I believe that pregnancy works for some, like the Duggars, but this momma is not a good pregnant woman. How has Michelle Duggar enjoyed 20 years of pregnancy? I mean, 20 YEARS of carrying children and 20 children who have exited her body. Not too sure how I feel about that...scary picture!!

Next, last night I had a great conversation with a dear friend. We were talking about marriage and how now a days, marriage is sometimes considered a novelty and something that is easy to do and easy to get out of. I don't know if it's because of technology, social media, cell phones, internet...is that it? I know of one website that encourages couples to cheat, it is a site for married men and women who are looking for a little fun. The creator of this site is married and his wife says that she approves of the site but does not approve of her husband having an affair. Yup, makes a lot of sense of me! Don't you dare do it to me but I support others doing it to their spouses and partners.
We also discussed therapy and counselling and that men are not always willing to go to these lengths as it shows weakness. I said to her that I see it as the complete opposite. A man who is willing to go to any length to save his message, is a real man.
Now, don't think that I am opposed to separation and divorce. If you have tried and tried and your home has become unhealthy for the family, especially the children, maybe the family needs to consider separation. I just feel that couples give up so easily now a days, yup, we tried, now we're done. When I was younger, it was unheard of, all of our friend's parents were still married, we never even thought about it.
I remember getting a phone call from one of my BFFs, she was crying. We were in grade 9 at the time, heading into grade 10. She told me that her parents were divorced, I was so confused. When did this happen? Last night? She told me that they got divorced when we were in grade 1. WHAT??? I am so confused. I guess, they just didn't want to tell the kids, they wanted them to go through school without worry and knowing that their parents were there for them at all times. Her dad lived in the house the entire time and it was a very healthy relationship, lots of love and support. It was so crazy!!
All three kids grew up to be very successful and productive members of society. Two if them are doctors and one is a lawyer. Her dad moved out that summer and it actually went very smoothly. There is a lot of love in that family.

I am off to a graduation today. One of my former students made it!! She did it! She succeeded and I am one happy teacher. I was so honoured that she invited me to her grad. She told me that her mom and grandma would look out for me, I told her that I am very hard to miss! Large, pregnant woman. :)

Our princess is 15 months! Love you B! :)

Have a wonderful Friday! xo


  1. Brad got "fixed", um, it was not pretty. Took a long time to recover. I actually felt bad for him for a while. Then I remembered I popped out five freakin babies and that was not fun either, so he needed to suck it up! Ha!

  2. I will not mention this to James. :) One afternoon and he'll be all back to normal. I didn't pop out 5 but 2 is a lot!!! James will have to deal! :)

  3. Have James talk to Glen - his was text book :)

  4. That may be the best prayer I've ever read. Haha! Seriously, you've composed both a hilarious and heartwarming prayer. Anyway, family planning is an important part of marriage. Like you said, you can't just keep getting pregnant. Although, if you did want to have 12 kids or more, I would have no say against or about it because that's your planned decision. So, did James considered getting the vasectomy? I wish you and your family well. Take care! :)

    Timothy Burke @ Sydney Vasectomy Services