26 October 2013

Ice Packs and Sundre...

Today is the day after the vasectomy! James' nuts made it through the night. I was worried about him and whether or not they would possibly fall off and he would perhaps wake up a few ounces lighter. :)
He's feeling fine.
He told me today that he asked the doctor yesterday how many vasectomies he had performed that day. James was the last one, number nine.
James asked if it's better to be number one or the last snip snip of the day?? The doctor told James that it didn't really matter cause he doesn't really even think about it. It's a no brainer and it relaxes him....   ?????? Preforming the task of freeze, cut, snip, snip, stitch, bandage, doesn't require thinking. I don't really know what to say.
I'm thinking though that I wouldn't want to be the last snip of the day...you're tired, you've looked at a minimum of eight penises.......

These are awesome!

He also was perhaps in a bit of a rush because the doctor actually slit James before the freezing had kicked in. Needle in scrotum, three seconds later, CUT! I guess that was just a moment in time, maybe three or four breaths, compared to the twenty hours of pain that I experienced while labouring his children. I felt bad for approximately five seconds when he told me, then I moved on. :)
After we returned home from our family trip today, James forgot that he had undone his shorts to put some ice on the affected areas :) When he got out of the car at the house, his shorts went right down to his ankles....the neighbours, I'm pretty sure saw the three layers of tighties that he was wearing and the nine inches of gauze protruding from his frontal region. He looked at me and said "put that in your blog!"

Today, we went out to Sundre to visit a dear family friend. Mom and dad have known D for fifty years. That's a long time. D and his beautiful wife, welcomed us into their gorgeous home for lunch and for a visit. Many, many years ago, dad and D got themselves into a lot of trouble; fights, girls, parties, and lots of amazing times. Over the years, mom and dad have lost touch then gotten back in touch with them and it always has felt like no time has passed by.....
I recently saw a picture of D on Facebook and I called mom. I was well aware that he has Hepatitis and has been in and out of the hospital, but I know that D is a fighter and a strong man. He can overcome it! I told mom that D looked a bit unwell and that I thought it was time for a family visit. I know that D reads the blog every day, hopefully he realizes that I write out of love and respect for him and his family.

When we arrived, lots of hugs took place and the excitement of seeing somebody after so many years having passed by, felt like yesterday. D looked happy. His wife looked beautiful but you could see the concern and the love she has for her husband. Those two are soul mates. I know that some people feel that soul mates don't exist, that people just settle for somebody, that there is always somebody else out there, possibly better, possibly not....D and D are soul mates. They love each other and respect each other. It makes me smile.
Dad and D were deep in conversation as soon as we arrived. They didn't stop talking the whole time we were there, there was just so much to say. So much to get out. So much to cover just in case there weren't anymore visits.
I chatted with D's wife a little bit about his health and she hurts and is already grieving a loss that hasn't yet happened. She loves her husband dearly.
When I had a conversation with D over Facebook, he told me that he has come to terms with it, with his health, with knowing that his time is limited. He accepts that he has Hepatitis. He accepts that it was never his fault how it was contracted. D is an optimist. D is somebody who brings out the best in others. D is caring and loving and compassionate and a wonderful man. Our family has been so fortunate to have D in our lives. We feel blessed that we have so many memories and have had the opportunity to share many special moments with D and his family.

When you are told that you have a limited time, what do you do with the time that you are given? Do you live life how you always have lived it? Do you travel? Do you become a hermit? Do you cry? Do you isolate yourself from the world? Do you call your friends? Do you set up dates with the people you love the most? What would you do? I have mentioned in other posts that we take so many things for granted. We take others for granted. We take waking up in the morning for granted. Life is about doing the things that make you happy. It's about surrounding yourself with people who love and respect you. It's about telling others that you care about them. It's about loving your children so much that it sometimes hurts. It's about being the best person that you can be even when you don't feel like it.

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  1. Wow, those are some pretty fancy undies! Glad to hear James is surviving all this :D

    And D and his family are in my prayers.

  2. He is JC!! :)
    Thanks for your prayers. xoxo