30 October 2014

She Deserves Better....

Recently, IDSC posted one of Adele's pictures on their Facebook page. Her picture has been shared almost 6000 times, been liked almost 57 000 times and has received over 1100 comments. The feedback has been phenomenal and amazing. I feel blessed knowing that there are so many unbelievably caring and wonderful people in the world.
There was one comment out of all of them that had me thinking.

"She deserves better."

Such a simple comment with a lot of impact.

This comment made me think about Adele's life. She has a beautiful older sister who adores her immensely. She has a mom and a dad who put her up on a pedestal daily because that's where she deserves to be. She has an auntie and an uncle along with her two cousins, who think that she is a perfect little princess. She has grandparents who love and adore her and remind her all of the time that she is loved. She has a large network of friends, who tell her daily just how beautiful and wonderful she is and somehow, in the short amount of time that she has been on this earth, she has impacted many lives. She has a FACEBOOK PAGE with over 10 000 followers, who make sure to let her know that she has brought an overwhelming amount of joy into their lives and that she has helped many of them, out of deep dark holes and who have now found a new meaning in life. Adele has the world in the palm of her hands......for now.

"She deserves better."

Adele is 15 months old and new to this journey. There is so much love, joy and admiration right now in her life. When she's three years old, will people continue to come up to her and tell her that she is perfect and sweet? When she is five years old, will she be told that she is a miracle? When she's seven years old, will she be invited to parties? When she's ten years old, will she be told that she has a beautiful future ahead of her?

"She deserves better."

When Adele gets past the adorable, sweet and cute baby stage, will the world change their mind about her? How will your views change? When Adele's speech isn't as clear as your child's speech, will you still encourage your child to play with Adele? Will she be left out of birthday parties? Will she be included in the class? Will her teachers love and respect her?

"She deserves better."

This extra chromosome is sometimes a pain in the ass. It makes me mad, then I'm all good with it, then I worry and think about the future.
James and I have made it our mission to help pave the way as much as we can for Adele. We will make ourselves known in the community. We will visit the school and continue to educate the students. We will keep trying to change the views that society has on children with Down syndrome.

The statement "she deserves better", I partly agree. She does deserve better. She deserves respect from everybody she encounters. She deserves to be healthy and happy. She deserves to be loved. She deserves to have all of the same opportunities as other children. She deserves to have a beautiful life.

Yesterday, we went for a nice walk over to auntie and uncle's house. When we got home, it was passed nap time, so I wanted to get Adele fed and both girls put to bed.
As I was feeding Adele, Brinley was walking toward the kitchen. I heard a thump and then she started to cry. I realized that she had banged into her dollhouse. I didn't really think too much of it until I saw her face. There was blood flowing, just above her eyebrow. She wasn't crying very hard. I jumped up, ran over to her and grabbed her.
I sat her down on the couch and realized that she would need to go to the hospital.
She was very calm and happy, unlike her momma, whose heart was pounding in her chest and who needed to be told that her baby was going to be just fine.
She ended up not needing stitches because of where the gash was, so close to her eyebrow. The doctor said that they would eventually grow over it and cover the scar. She got some glue and we were on our way. We were told to get up every two hours and check on her, just to make sure that she was doing fine.

In the grand scheme of things, this was so very minor, but it made me realize that life can change in an instant. Your whole world can be flipped upside down without any warning. Love madly and deeply. Slow down.

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